Create Low Balance Notification Email Warning

CloudAstrix SPE sends low balance notifications warnings by email to reseller and clients.

Find the LIMIT CREDIT NOTIFICATION settings under the RESELLER DETAILS tab for Reseller

Find the LIMIT CREDIT NOTIFICATION settings under the EDIT CUSTOMER DETAILS form under Billing Tab of the customer

To create low balance warnings on an SPE VoIP Account, you will need to create an Email Template.

  1. http://WHMCS IP/ADMIN/configemailtemplates.php
  2. Create a new Email Template of TYPE: Product
  3. The unique name should be:    CloudAstrixSPE Low Balance
  4. In the WYSIWYG box, type in your message, with the following compulsory variables.

Dear {$firstname},

Your current balance for your {$service_product_name} service, account #{$accountnumber} is: 


Please recharge by clicking on this link:
http://WHMCS PATH/cart.php?a=add&pid=xx

Should you have any technical difficulties, please open a support ticket.


5. Save template, and thats it!

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