How to purchase addons [Upgrades & Support]

CloudAstrix offers support and upgrade packages for Quarterly, Bi-Annually and Annually.
Without this package, so support is available. Upgrades will also not be possible. 

Assistance with once off installations, setpu and basic training is also available.

This is the method to order these services.

1- Login to your client area ( )
Click on Number of Services on the top right corner to view all your CloudAstrix services.
Click on Services

2- Look for the service you need support/upgrade on, and click on View Details:
View details

3- Once your service details screen comes up, click on the ADDONS tab
Addons tab

4- Now click on View Available Addons
View addons

5- The various options will now be listed. Add them to cart and checkout, thats it! Remember to open a support ticket once this is done for prompt attention to your request.

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