SPE Install via script


This install script will be in the Download section of your CloudAstrix SPE service licence information tab.

If you cannot find it, please view instructions here on how to get it:


1)Upload the installation script to your root directory.

2)chmod +x FinalCloudastrix.sh
  This will make the script executable.

Run the Script

4)Script will ask you if you want to upgrade cloudastrix for now press (n) for no.

5)Do you want to install Cloudastrix ? Press y for yes.

6)If you have already installed whmcs(and it is on another server) then enter your whmcs IP.

7) Do you want to use Freeswitch ? Enter y (yes) as this is our dialing engine.

8) Do you want to install cloudastrix perl packages ? Enter y (yes)

9)Do you want to use MYSQL_DB random password? This will create a 10 digit password randomly. You can opt for no at this stage if you would like to create your own password.
 If you already have a mysql password set then DO NOT say yes! opt for no and enter your password.

10)Do you want to use WHMCS user (capuser) password same as root? Opt yes for this option unless you want to create a seperate user.

At this stage the installation will begin. You will be prompted a few times to press

The installation will complete and give your database password, make a note of it for when the support staff need to intergrate it with whmcs.
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